North City Preschool is nestled near a lush grove of oak and eucalyptus trees. Our playground is a natural environment in which children are given the opportunity to explore and discover the outdoor world. Our learning center classrooms offer additional interactive activities and experiences promoting play-based learning.

We believe each child is a unique and special creation of God. Our goal is to encourage your child to grow in his or her relationship to God, self, and others through loving teachers in a nurturing, Christian environment.

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– – – COVID-19 POLICIES – – –

Updated as of January 1, 2021

The California Department of Social Services working in collaboration with the California Department of Education, the CDC and local health agencies have developed new guidelines for preventative practices for childcare providers during this time.

North City Preschool has put in place preventative measures & protocols. They are as follows:

Drop off and pick up: A staff member will welcome all students upon arrival at the designated gates located right outside the preschool classroom. Parents will sign children in at the designated drop off area. Every child’s temperature will be taken daily and parents will be asked a few questions regarding overall health and well-being. If a child exhibits any of the following symptoms, they will be excluded from school: -Coughing or sneezing -Fever higher than 100.4 F -Runny nose -Shortness of breath -Vomiting or diarrhea in the past 24 hours ** If your child or one of our staff members has a fever higher than 100.4 F they will be required to stay home for 72 hours, fever free without medication. ** **Parents are asked to report any positive case of COVID-19 in their immediate family or any known contact and exposure to COVID-19 to the preschool office.**

  • Parents or anyone else picking up or dropping off MUST WEAR A MASK!
  • Children are encouraged to wear a mask however masks are not required.
  • Please use the hand sanitizer when you step up to the table.
  • If there are multiple parents checking in at the same time, please wait your turn on the tape line 6 feet apart to provide physical distancing.
  • Please sign your child in using the unused pens provided or your own pen.
  • Children will wash hands upon entering the playground/ classroom area when dropped off.
  • Parents are asked to provide a daily snack for their child. Please make sure the snack is labelled and dropped in the designated snack container. If you choose a lunch pail vs. something disposable, it will need to be cleaned and disinfected each day.
  • For those of you bringing lunch and snack, they will need to be in separate bags or containers and labelled.
  • Please bring in a change of clothes in a labeled Ziploc bag.
  • Parents are not permitted to enter the school or playground at this time.
  • Parents and students must remain outside the school gate and contact school via text or phone if late. If you are picking your child up earlier than the designated time, please remain outside our gate and contact preschool via text or phone call. DO NOT come into the playground area or classroom at any time.

Staff Responsibility:

  • All staff will complete a daily health check including temperature and overall well-being before being allowed to work.
  • All staff will wash hands upon arrival to school.
  • Staff members will take children to the playground or classroom after check-in.
  • All staff will be required to wear a mask or face shield inside the classrooms at this time or until further notice as dictated by the Health Department.
  • If a staff member or any other member of their household has tested positive for COVID-19, the Health Department will be notified immediately. Upon advisement from the Health Department, the class and/or school may close for a period of time.

Daily protocols:

Hand washing and hand sanitizing:

  • Upon arrival- Children will be provided hand sanitizer at check-in.
  • Before and after eating
  • After toileting
  • Before/After circle times
  • Before/After playing outdoors
  • After sneezing, coughing or touching their nose
  • Before being picked up to go home


  • There will be NO mixing of classes.
  • The playground will be disinfected between each class.
  • Classrooms will be cleaned and disinfected daily.
  • Restrooms will be sanitized after each child uses the toilet.
  • Only materials that can be cleaned daily will be used in the classroom.
  • No toys from home are allowed except for designated sharing toys arranged with the teacher.


  • Snack will be provided by the parents in labelled bags or lunch boxes.
  • Lunch will be provided by parents (for those choosing to stay for Lunch Bunch)
  • Teachers will wear gloves when helping children open containers and baggie