Parent Reviews

“North City Presbyterian Preschool is about as good as it gets. The teachers and staff are beyond phenomenal – warm, loving, caring, nurturing, creative, genuine. They all take a special interest in each and every child like nothing I have ever experienced. After much research, I let my little girl – my only child – attend North City. A shy child – it was as if she had been there forever. We were at peace that our child was in the absolute BEST hands. At 5 years old, she accepted Jesus as her Savior. North City played a key role in that development! Almost 7 years later when we had twins, there was NO choice other than North City. Although not shy they, too, have blossomed. An incredible time of their life! As a mom, you will want every teacher there as YOUR friend! Amazing women. For nurturing, socialization, creativity, knowledge and love of Jesus, love of school – you will love North City Preschool!”
– Denise V.

“I cannot offer enough positive comments about North City Preschool. My youngest of three attends preschool here – I had extremely high expectations as my older children attended a different school that we loved, but due to schedules and location, we had to switch preschools. Well, North City not only met, but has exceeded my expectations for what a preschool should be. It has a “homey” feel, the teachers and staff are incredibly nuturing, and the cirriculum offers a prefect balance between play based/socializing skills, academics, and faith. Our son is blossoming in this program. I highly recommend North City Preschool.”
– Kristin S.

“We love North City!! Our son was there for two years and now our daughter is there. The entire staff is fantastic!!!”
– Jennifer C.

“If you’re looking for a well-rounded preschool for your child, I highly recommend North City!!!”

Our son is currently at North City, and will be there for his pre-K year as well because we love it so much! My daughters had the privilege of attending North City Preschool several years ago and it gave them a fabulous school start! They are confident girls who love school and know they are valued.”

“We’ve chosen North City Preschool for the first years of our children’s school development because it is an amazing place where every child is treated as an individual, where learning is fostered through both structured and unstructured play, and where they learn about the fundamentals of Christianity, knowing they are loved by God. Every teacher has a relationship with all the students, the director is warm, friendly, and proactive, and the setting is quaint and beautiful! The class size is small and the individualized attention is phenomenal.”
– Leslie B.

“I have found this preschool to be exactly what they advertise…a loving Christian environment that focuses on the development of the whole child – no only academic skills, but also their spiritual, emotional, social, and physical development. Academics are great, but teaching a child how to successfully build relationships with peers and adults is a life-long, necessary skill! I think the Director of the preschool is an excellent mentor for the teachers. I find the teachers to be welcome and loving. They desire to partner with the parents to help the child reach their maximum potential.”
– Amy T.

“We could not be happier with North City Preschool! Absolutely everyone who works there takes such a genuine interest in our kids and makes our family feel so welcome. The director of the school is so warm and helpful and made our transition to the school easy for us.

The class structure is great and the kids are encouraged to learn thru play. They have really creative teachers who foster our kids imaginations and they use a wide variety of activities to teach them. We are so happy that we found this preschool!”
– Kathleen B.